Hi all,

We manage a network for several public school districts...

We're running OES Netware edition w/ (SP 6.5.4)
Zen 7.0 on server
Zen 7.0 agent on workstations.
mixture of 2000 and XP PCs all running Client32 version 4.91

....handful of Win98 machines (that are not affected by this because
they don't need DLU

We have a boatload of individual student accounts to manage...

and we include their graduation year in their username (to help sort,
figure out when to retire each acct, etc.)

plus the user's full last name and full first name (because there are
siblings that would cause duplicates if we only used first initial of
first name)

However, this means that a chunk of student users (5% maybe) have
usernames longer than 20 characters...

And it is causing problems for Dynamic Local User (DLU)

Windows 2000 and XP doesn't seem to support usernames over 20
characters using the NET USER command - but there are spots on the MS
website that indicate that this can be done through Visual Basic
scripts, etc.


The only thing I can find in the Novell KB is
from 2 and a half years ago

That basically says that this is a known limit in Win 2000...

and that "DLU itself would support up to 48 characters NDS name

Well... DLU in fact does not seem to support > 20 chracter usernames
in XP or 2000 (regardless of Service Pack)

so it seems that this claim (fo support for 48 chracters) is in error
(unless someone can explain how/why DLU would be used on machines
other than NT/2000/XP... grin)

Has anyone else run into this?

Any ideas on workarounds?

If not...
Would this a bug? Or a feature request?

- Dave Karlson
Director, Information Technology
Region Nine Education Service District
The Dalles, Oregon