Okay, maybe I'm asking for too much...

In our environment we want to disable loading applications on student lab
computers. We have 16 labs full of computers with Windows XP with SP2. I
want to disable application loading by computer lab using the workstation
group policies. I can turn off MSI installs. I cannot create a policy
with a list of which programs that will not be installed... there are
just too many. Since our lab computer images change so frequently, I do
not see the benefit of creating a policy that will restrict the
applications that will run.

The User policy allows you to set Dynamic Local User and to set the user
group. I can set the policy to set the user group to "User." This will
give me my desired results. However, I do not want to use User policies
due to the fact that it would apply those restrictions regardless of
which computer students login to. Some labs are configured differently.

Is there anyway to force a user into the "User" group using the
workstation policies? You would think that we would be able to force
Dynamic Local User and user group using the workstation policy, as well
as the user policy.

Phil Arnold