Today Novell's Technical Support suggested to me that group policies
created for Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) are not compatible with
Windows XP SP1. That's a problem for me because less than 5 percent of my
XP workstations run SP2. I'd like to upgrade all of them to SP2, but I
can't because of other issues.

A few weeks ago, I upgraded Zenworks from version 6.5 to 7. Before the
upgrade, I had read on Cool Solutions that a group policy created for SP2
would work on SP1 machines and the SP1 machines would ignore the
SP2-specific settings. So, I created a policy for SP2 and it worked great
on both versions. My problems began after the Zenworks upgrade when group
policies started to fail to load. In fact, somehow the policies stored on
the server became corrupt. Novell suggests it's because of the SP1/SP2

My workstation objects are located in various containers throughout the
tree. None of the SP2 workstations are in the same container. Novell wants
me to create two policies and assign them based on the service pack level.
What's the best way to accomplish this?