I have been trying to set up a Workstation Package/Windows Group Policy
for Windows 2000 workstations but have been unsuccessful. I create a
policy specific to Windows 2000, enable a Windows Group Policy, point to
the network location of the GpRstrct.pol file, 'Edit Policy' to configure
the policy, check 'User Configuration' in the "Applied Settings Types" as
this is the change being made, set the policy to run at System Startup,
associate the policy with a test W2K workstation, apply and close the
policy, reboot the test workstation and the policy is not applied. As a
test all I am trying to do is Remove Run from Start Menu.

A little background: We have just recently installed Zen 7 with Desktop
Management only so far. We have successfully created a workstation import
policy and have our workstations populating a workstation-specific
container. We also created a Remote Control policy for those workstations
that works successfully. So now I am trying to associate the workstation
policy mentioned above with a workstation that was successfully imported
that I can successfully remote control, but the policy is not working.

I'm fairly new to Zen so I'm not sure if there is something basic that I
am missing. Any help would be greatly appreciated!