Trying to discover why my workstations on my test network won't
import... the server package policy is configured and the rights are
It was sure nice when there was a wsreg.log file on the workstation to
tell me what wasn't working....

the import screen on the server is OK, just no info is displayed....

the zenwsrem.log file is present in the sys\zenworks dir, but no

Any ideas?

( Importing worked fine while in zen6 on my test network)- Zen 7 was a
new install on a new server. I'm simulating what I plan to do in the
production tree, install zen 7 on fresh server, then slowly migrate
all services from old to new... then pull the plug on the old server.

I'm mostly looking for places to troubleshoot from the server end as
well as on the workstation.

running zwsreg from program files/novell/zenworks gives me a "0"

Just off the top of my head, does the new zen agent absolutely have to
be installed on the workstation in order for the workstation to
import properly?