First I want to say thanks, every post I have put in Novell's
forums has been responded to very well and timely.

I have recently upgraded my production servers from ZEN 6.5sp1 to
sp2. After that I upgraded a non production server to ZEN 7 because
they are so close I figured I would get it out of the way. Imaging was
the main motivation.

The group policies we created new with 6.5sp1 on XP SP2 machines
and need edited now. Consoleone does not let us citing compatibility.
Should I make new policies, migrate, something else?

Will my workstations (all XP SP2) work with their current zfdagent
and new/migrated group policies if I upgrade the production servers to
7? Are they (agent and current and (potential) new policies) already
incompatible with my servers at 6.5 sp2?

Previously we have had a lot of trouble with GP and I am just trying
to get some background as to the best plan of attack for my scenario.
Any help would be appreciated.