Why will none of my policies work on XP home?

Is there anything I can do to sort this problem or will I have to
upgrade to Pro?

I'm actualy using ZfD6.5sp1 with policies created on a XP Pro sp2

PS. also the windows shortcut + R key which is disabled in my policy,
works on my machine (which it was created on) but the policy works
(windows + R is disabled) on all other machines, why???

Is there anything I can use to see what parts of policies are applying
at various stages? not just "so n so policy is being applied to this

When a user R clicks on the desktop and clicks properties this is
disabled, so a message appears telling the user that, and when you
click 'ok' the message it appears again, so I'm guessing that some part
of the policy is being applied twice. How can I find out??????