See the paste below, it's getting worse, restarting the wm doesn't help
anymore, now i've got to restart the server to get it functioning again.
Is there a way to give the wm a good kick, so i don't have to restart the
whole server? i tried restarting all the zen services, run zwsreg
unreg/reg but it just won't pick up the missing policies...

paste from wrong forum:
I´ve got a setup with w2003 and citrix presentationserver 4. I use zen7 to
manage the application distibution, policies, schedules and startmenu. It
all works fine, but the workstation manager seems to lose it´s connection,
which is visible in de wmsched.exe, where the serverpolicies disappear &
newly created/updated workstation apps don't distribute.
When i restart de wm, it all works again for a little while. i inserted a
local 'wm restart' schedule, but this shouldn't be necessary...
First i thought it could have something to do with dual/teamed network
cards, but on a testserver, which only got one adapter enabled, the wm
also loses it's info.