We are using Zenworks version 6.0 but there was no Group Policy link for
Version 6 so I am posting here. We have a Windows 2003 Terminal Server
Group Policy in three school locations. For some odd reason we are no
longer able to edit just the Windows 2003 Terminal Server Group Policy.
(We can still edit all other group policies.) We get the following
message at all three locations.

"This ZENWorks Group Policy was last editied on a machine with a newer OS
Version. Editing is Prohibited. Administrative machine OS: 5.1 SP: 2.0
ZENWorks Group Policy OS: 5.2 SP: 1.0"

No upgrades have been done to our Novell Server and we have not applied
any Zenworks patches. Basically nothing has changed since the policy was
implemented. Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this so we can edit
these policies?