Just set up Zen7 a new environment.
OES NW with sp1.

I'm planning to use unassigned import policies because the wks must be
imported into about 10 different containers, based on different
I have no zenwsimport DNS-entry.
In the images I've put reg-entrys based on the locations. See below.
Created different import-policies pointing on on the containers.
The policies and reg-entryn is tested manually, and it imports into
correct containers.

Created images with client 4.91 sp2 and ZenAgent 7 and the reg-entrys.
Last thing before taking tha image, zwsreg-unreg, just to be sure.

When putting image back on new pc:s, "img rp ..." and after that
zisedit, put in the correct name and rebooting.
Win XP boots, the agent starts to re-SID the machine, but before its
done, the pc register in eDir, with the name that was in the image.
Pc reboots, and comes up with correct name, but wrong registerd.

I've worked a simmular config at another customers site. Works great.
But there it was Zen65.

Any ideas??

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00