ZfD 7 on NW 6.5 box.

I cannot name my import server zenwsimport.mydomain.com as is
recommended as the first choice in the documentation. I'm not the only
ZEN server in the domain. Managing many hosts files is unattractive. The
zwsreg.exe with the -importserver flag has been working in my tests. The
workstation object are imported.

I've created a ZEN app that runs this for me and it does run as secure
system user. I have this set to run once.

Here's my concern: Does the machine now know who its import server is? I
have machines that stay turned off or unconnected for many months.
They would be removed by my worksation removal policy. When they get
turned on again will they get automatically imported or will I have to
run zwsreg.exe again?

I remember having to add a registry key in ZfD 3.2