I have a W2K3-Terminalserver with Presentationserver 4 on it. I have also a Netware 6.0 SP5 Server with ZEN7 installed.

I created 2 user-policy-package: 1 for Users and 1 for Admins. The User-Policy disable all desktop icons and switch the the classical startmenue. The admin-policy does not.

If a user login for the first time through the ica-client, the user policy applies and he can't see the the desktop icons and he has the classical startmenue. I logout and relogin with the same user and all works fine

If i login as admin, the admin policy applies also. After the logout i relogin as the user before and the desktop icons are visible and he has the new startmenue... The policy does not apply. If i delete the 2 Directories GroupPolicy and GroupPolicy.WMOriginal2 in C:\windows\system32 on the Terminalserver and relogin as user the policy applies again.

Have you any idea how to solve this issue?