I am using ZENworks 7. I am having NO problems with registering
workstations. They import the first time just fine. They can even be
remote controlled.

Our current tree configuration requires me to move the workstations from
their original import container to another container. I do this and then
wait for another login so that the computers registry will change to the
new location. It all works fine.

However, after I move the workstation a new one, with the same name, will
import back into the original container. The first workstation no longer
responds once this happens. The new workstation object works just fine.
If I delete the first workstation and move the new on, it happens again.
This is just a big cycle.

All this worked fine when I was running ZENworks 6.5. This has just
started happening when I upgraded to ZENworks 7.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

Phil Arnold
University of Central Arkansas