The environment: A brand new installation. Zenworks 7 is the only
Novell product installed, and it's on a Win2K server. If it matters,
the server is virtualized with VMware ESX - but I doubt that it matters.

The server policy is set to register the workstation on the third login,
but of course that's not happening because I'm sitting here writing this

The error message is "Could not create the workstation. Make sure that
you provide rights for the service by adding the appropriate containers
to the containers list in the import policy."

I've done that, mmkay? I even removed and re-added the container. The
policy is set to create the workstations in a container set aside
specifically for workstations, and I've checked the NDS rights of that
container and verified that the import policy is a trustee with Compare,
Read, Write, and Add Self.

I've looked for some kind of logfile that zwsreg.exe might be kind
enough to leave a clue in, but have come up empty. Woe is me.

So once again I come before The Collective in beseechment. HAALP!