Hello NG

In our environment we work with Suse 9 OES Server and zenworks 7. Now on a
XP workstation we installed only the ZenAgent 7. Without, without NWClient.

The user is authenticating through a Middletier Server that is also
installed on the Suse Server.

On ConsoleOne I created an User- and Workstationpolicy but both policies
doesn`t work. When I start wmsched.exe on the workstation, no Policies are
present to run.
The same problem persists for a Wake-on-LAN Policy that i created for this
workstation. I have to image this workstation each night on a specific time.
The Wake-on-Lan doesn`t run.

Where could be here the problem?
Why Zenpolicies aren`t distributed?

For your help I thank you in advance.

Ramon Lustrati