I was wondering how ZEN 7 import and inventory would react when it
encounters a workstation that uses a cached hard drive system. We use a
produce called Centurian on our student workstations, in theory, (and so
far it has) it should protect us from anything a student could do the
hard drive for instance; delete files or directories, change settings,
install programs and just general day to day playing around. All we have
to do is restart the machine and we are back to where we were, a nice
clean machine. Now, its my understanding that Zen writes workstation
IDs and inventory information to the hard drive of the machine. With
this in mind every time these workstations reboot the ZEN information
will be deleted. Will this cause any problems with the import of
workstations or recording inventory? Maybe, multiple listings of the same
machine? Delays? Is this an issue at all? If so, is it something that
needs to be address immediately or can it wait until summer?