Hello everyone,

Any help you can provide in this matter is much appreciated.

Enviornment: Windows server 2003 terminal server, zenworks 7 managment
desktop agent, edirectory extended to zenworks 7.

I have a two group policies associated at two different levels. One at the
container level and one at the object level.

I have went through Shaun Pond's documentation (Thank you Shaun) of search
policy and verfied that my policy search order are set to the default which


After setting this up my understanding is that the Object group policy
should over ride the container association but it is not, the container is
actually overriding the Object.

When I select the Object and do an effective policies , I see both group
policies, the one associated at the container level and the one associated
at the object level.

At the end of the day, I am trying to tell the system not to use the
container group policy (even if the user is in that container) if it sees
another group policy associated at the object.

Any help is much appreciated.


Detailed info if needed of group policy setup:

ACME ---- O <------------------------------ The Container Package is at
this level and is set to search till this O.
North ---- OU <-------------------------- A site wide group policy is
associated at this container level.
User. <------------------------------- A user specific Group
policy is associated at this user level.
South ---- OU
East ---- OU
West ---- OU