Can a ZFD 7 policy create the DLU on Windows XP machines that were
previously working in a ZFD 3.2 environment?
I upgraded one of the sites in the tree to ZFD 7, extended the schema and
then upgraded all of the machines with the latest ZFDAgent.msi. All my
policies I created work great. My next location I would like to upgrade
from ZFD 3.2 to ZFD 7 and still have the DLU policy create the users until
I can install the newest ZFDAgent. I created the DLU settings
under "Windows NT-2000-XP" Windows NT Windows 2000 and Windows XP
(Im trying anything) but the DLU still will not create the local user
account. Is this a possibility?
The servers have NW 6.5 SP3 and Zen 3.2.