Say, we are having some strange issues with editing our User Packages. We can access the package via conslow1 no problem, just when we dig into the WINDOWS GROUP POLICY, PROPERTIES, EDIT POLICIES, Conslow1 starts having issues. It will duplicate the box if you try to move the box on the desktop, and most of the time your conslow 1 screen just goes grey. Also once you make the changes, and apply them, it greys out for sometime, you have to walk away and come back. We are running NETWARE 6.5 SP3, I am using WIN XP SP2 with patches, Conslow1 version is 1.3.6, JDK 1.3.1, JVM1.4.1_01.
We have tried running it on different admin machines with the same response. Also pointed to different servers to check it on that end.
I use this for all my GroupWise administration without issue. It is only the ZEN policy edit that gets hosed.