We installed ZENworks 7 on OES SLES9 (Server Name = Illahe). Have
verified WS Import service is running. On a Windows XP SP2 w/ NWClient
4.91 SP2 when running zwsreg.exe, recieve the following response:

A user name is required to create the workstation according to policy:
cn=Server Package_Illahe:General:Workstation Import,ou=students,o=SOU

I've looked for c:\wsreg.log and c:\Program
Files\Novell\Zenworks\ZWSREG.* and not finding any kind of log files.
Not sure where to look on Illahe for AWSI log files.

I've followed the AWSI Troubleshooting (which I guess still works for
ZEN 7) and TID 10074993.

Would appreciate any assistance...