We are still in the middle of rolling out Zenworks 7 across several sites
connected by an MPLS network. I have run into an issue with users not
pulling down group policies to their machines from there local server. I
have copied the group policies to a folder called zenpol in the Public
folder of the SYS volume. We have a container called ZenPolicies which has
the user policies for each respective user class e.g. full admin,
laptopusers. In the field "Network location of existing/new group policies"
in the Windows Group Policy for the user policy I have tried to set this to
a mapped drive z:\ e.g. Z:\zenpol\adminIT\xp. I have looked at using server
variables but with no success. I was hoping I could use something like this
for the network location \\%file_server\sys\public\zenpol\ so that if users
from the Sydney container login then their file servername is inserted in
the variable. I am sure I am not the only one that has come across this