Hi there you all..

I have a question, our AWI works fine but i was wondering if it was
possible to enter a command line in the dos box wich imports my
workstation object into the correct container..

For example: our workstations are beeing imported into the WS container
thru a workstation import policy but in the WS container we have all
containers wich represend our room numbers..

I was thinking of something like:

zwsreg -importserver <ip_importserver> -importws .k190.ws.<our nds>

If i type this phrase my workstation is imported into the tree correct but
not in the container i want.. so i have to move the object in C1 but i'd
rather skip that and import it direct into the good container...

Long story i hope it makes sence..

With kind regards,

Kees van heuven