All of our PCs are Windows XP SP2 with the firewall turned off. The client is either 4.90 SP1 or 4.91 SP2.

We were running Zen 4.01 ir5 on NetWare 6.0 SP5. Everything was working great. We upgraded our servers to NW 6.5 SP5 and kept Zen 4.01 ir5. After the upgrade we found that when we reimaged certain PCs. They happen to be either Compaq EVOs or Dell Optiplex GX240s and pretty much any laptop and we intall the Zen agents on them the PC reboots or BSOD. Any workstation that already had Zen 4.01 worked fine just things that were reimaged. It also doesn't affect our newer PCs but does affect our newer laptops.

We then upgraded to Zen 7.0 and hoped that would help. Unfortunately it did not. We get the same issue. If we login as workstation only the PC logs in fine. If we uninstall Zen we can login too.

The error we get is with Winlogon.exe and it is C0000005. There is a TID nubmer 10093908 that I tried and it did not help. We're not even using Desktop preference policies, just DLU and Workstation Policies.

Any help is appreciated.


Dave Flax