Correct me if I'm wrong, but if your import policy has a "user" in it,
then AWI requires that the user actually login to eDir to get the object

How about if all your users ARE logging into eDir, but the AWI server
continues to show "0" logins, no user context, and the annoying "a user
name is required" message.

I could see a few, but I've got hundreds (the logger file is severely
limited, so I can only go back so far).

Or is this still a "cosmetic" error?

Also, why does a logout of Windows 2000 and a login no longer trigger
AWI as a "login event". I know in ZEN 4, that on Windows 2000, a
logout/login was treated as a new login event, as opposed to having to
actually restart the pc.

Is this no longer the case with ZEN 7?

I can turn on the pc, login to the Novell Client, get my login script,
but the AWI will claim "a user name is required". And show zero logins.
I then logout and login again (no reboot) and nothing shows up on the
AWI (NetWare, BTW)