Here's an odd one, I'm not sure if it's working as designed or what.

Create a ZEN 7 USER policy package. It contains ONLY a Windows XP Group
Policy Package, that is associated to a user and set to run at login.

Here's where it gets odd.

If I login to eDirectory with the 4.91 SP2 client, and ZEN 7 agent, the
scheduler SAYS I get the GPO, but I don't.

However, I'm logging into the WORKSTATION as "Administrator".

If I change it so that the workstation is part of the DOMAIN and then I
login to the DOMAIN (for the "windows" part).

THEN I see the policy settings take effect.

Is this behaving this way because I'm logging into the workstation (as
opposed to domain) or because I'm logging into the workstation as

I'd think that the policy should kick in regardless of how I login to
the pc because the policy is associated to my NDS user object.

If it's this easy to circumvent the policy (just click workstation only
and then I can do everything) I'm better off not usine ZEN for policies
at all.