Hello: We run Windows XP sp2 on our desktops. Also
installed is NWClient 4.91sp2 and the ZfD7 client. We use
ZfD extensively to create consistent desktops. We also use
DLU policies and Windows Group policies.

Due to compatibility issues I have always set user rights as
local administrators on the XP boxes. However, we have
decided to change this and use the Windows XP "limited"
account type (ZfD setting is "user" account type).

I have been testing this change and have been running into a
lot a trouble with applications breaking when the user
account is of type "user". Acrobat and Application Explorer
both break. If I create a "user" account on a system
without the ZfD client installed (plain old XP installation)
I see no errors with acrobat. (The error with ZfD installed
is Acrord32.exe failed to initialize 0xc0000022 ....)

I have no idea where to start to trouble shoot this issue.
I hope my description makes sense.

Thanks for your time, Chris.