Hi all,

I am facing a problem using ZENworks Agent for Windows NT Workstations and
here's the description:

1- Referring to Novell Documentation, the ZENworks 7 agent is not supported
in Windows NT machines , and the recommended is to install an old version
of ZENworks Desktop agent (Version 4) .
2- After Successfully installation of ZENworks Desktop Agent (Version 4) on
a windows NT machine, While a Policy like Remote Management Works fine, We
face some other problems:

I) The Dynamic User Policy Does Not work.

We created a new user in eDirectory, when we try to login using this user,
another login window appears requires local account to login!

II) When we try to login using some users in eDirectory, an error message
"Physical Memory Dump!" that gives a blue screen and windows requires restart!

III) After Some time, When we Successfully login with an eDirectory user,
after entering the password of a local user, some DLL errors appears

for example: A message with the title "Can not initialize Zenlogin.exe" and
the message is something like "failed Zenlite.DLL"

Knowing That we use Windows NT with Service Pack 6, The version of Zenworks
agent is ZfD 4 SP1b/4.0.1 Interim Release 7, there's no Novell Client
installation on workstations.

And the backend services are installed on Open Enterprise Server/Linux -
SP2 and ZENworks Desktop Management 7.

thanks in advance,