I've found the doc that gives comprehensive info on how to set the
debugging options for zen 7. I set them for zenpol and zenpolstatus
just to kind of see what our policies were doing...things are working
but I thought this log might help me spot inefficiencies and then I
could move policies around in the tree or create additional policies in
locations that might be more helpful or yield better performance.

But alas, I find no tid that tells me how to understand what all the log
entries are saying! What for example is the message "failed to get
cached attribute: DN<search policy object.container>" telling me? I'm
seeing it a lot, is it because I didn't allow some value to cache or is
it because the search policy is at the top of the tree and the
workstation is 2 levels down?

I've read dozens of books and tids, Shaun Pond's expose on good design
was very helpful...but all of them just make me think up more questions,
mainly I suppose because no two trees or sites are alike. There really
is no "one size fits all". So I thought if I combed the logs I might
spot some interesting information.

Where do I find more info on what these logs are trying to tell me?
Thank you.