Hi all,

I have a dual homed OES-SP2 ZENworks 7 HP3 server.

The server has 2 IP addresses, (client network), and
(private iSCSI network)

When AWSI starts, it binds to the 172.16 address - from the logs:

23-May-2006 16:15:56 AWSI - Finding IP Address
23-May-2006 16:15:56 AWSI - ipAddress =
23-May-2006 16:15:56 AWSI - Importing Certificate...
23-May-2006 16:15:56 AWSI - Certificate Imported
23-May-2006 16:15:56 WS Import - Linux version
23-May-2006 16:15:56 Receiving requests.
23-May-2006 16:15:56 Servicing requests.

When I attempt to import workstations, they get created in eDirectory, but
the workstation registry never gets updated.

If I try to remote control the workstation, for example, I get an error
saying it is not imported into eDirectory.

There are no obvious errors in the awsi.log

If I run zwsreg on the client, the workstation imports properly, and the
registry gets updated. I can then remote control etc.

What I suspect might be happening, is that the server is sending it's reply
to the workstation down the wrong NIC, which would account for the 'half'
import. I might be wrong on this of course.

My question is, why is AWSI binding to the wrong NIC? And where is this

There is no option for configuring the IP address
in /etc/opt/novell/zenworks/zdm/novell-zdm=awsi.conf

I have also changed the order in which my two NICs are set up - I did this
by swapping round the names of their config files (i.e. ifcfg-bond0 becomes
ifcfg-bond1 and vice verca). This made no difference.

Any ideas at all?

I am currently grepping my entire server looking for files with
in them. I dont hold much hope of finding anything!

Many thanks