How do I fix my PC so that I can edit WinNT-2000 policies again?

ConsoleOne won't let me edit my group policies anymore. Trying to make some
minor changes to Office2003 policies. This is the first time I've made
changes since performing some upgrades (including Zen7).

Console1 v1.3.6e

My workstation is running "Novell Client for Windows 4.91 SP2" on Windows
2000 SP4.

The "Edit Policies" button stays grayed out, and the area at the bottom
shows this error message:
You cannot edit this Windows group policy because this platform page does
not match the operating system of the workstation you are using. You must
use the appropriate platform page to edit this policy.

Due to Microsoft's changes to Windows Group Policies, creating a new Windows
Group Policy is not supported on the Windows NT-2000-XP and Windows
2000-2003 Terminal Server platform pages. If you are using a Windows Group
Policy previously configured on the NT-2000-XP or 2000-2003 Terminal Server
page, it will continue to be enforced in its present configuration.

- If you want to migrate an existing Windows Group Policy to a specific
Windows platform, select the platform page you want to migrate to, choose
the settings you want to keep, then click Apply or OK to save the settings.

- If you want to create a new Windows Group Policy, click the down-arrow on
the Policies tab, select the specific platform page you want, then select
the check box under the Enabled column for the Windows Group policy. Click
"Properties" on the platform page to view the configuration options and then
choose those you want. Click Apply or OK to save the settings.