We seem to be having a problem with user's home page reverting back to the
dell home page (factory defaults). The machines are Dell GX 260s, 270s and
GX520s and Dell latitude laptops. I have set the home page in a group policy
(User configuration, Windows Settings, IE Maintenance, URLs, Important URLs)
to default to our intranet web server but from time to time (about once a
week) it reverts back to the dell home page. As a work around I get the
users to run the Group policies in scheduler which allows it to revert back
to the intranet home page. I have done this from the workstation policies,
group policies page with cache user configuration, user configuration,
computer configuration and security settings checked. I have looked at the
TIDS but they refer to 6.5 and mention that it is fixed in SP1 for ZFD 6.5.
I thought 7 is based on the zfd 6.5 sp1 code, however this appears to still
be an outstanding issue.

Is this something that will be addressed in the next sp for 7?