We are in the process of turning on DLU at several of the schools in our
district this summer. We have a problem getting default printers to stick.

At some schools, when we set a particular printer to be the default for the
Administrator user on a Win2000/XP box, it sticks for all users on that box,
which is exactly what we want. However, at other sites, the default printer
for new users on a given box is whatever is set for Default User. When we
change the default printer for the Administrator user, it has no impact on
the default printer for new users; there is no "global" default printer on
that computer.

Is there something we can do with a policy to fix this?

As a side note, I have found some command line options for RUNDLL32 that may
work, but it would be much simpler just to force the machines, via a policy,
to allow a user to set the default printer for all users. This would allow
us to set the default printer with just a couple mouse clicks. We have
hundreds of machines to touch this summer.

Any ideas are welcome!

Rick P