I'm trying to configure DLU on a Windows 2000 Server (for use with
Citrix). Unfortunately, I can't even get the DLU feature to work,
before I install -anything- on the server.

DLU is working properly in our environment on 2000 Pro workstations, as
well as on XP, but the moment I try on 2000 Server, it won't autocreate
the local user. This really puts a damper on my plan.

I've done a fresh install of 2000 Server, SP4, IE6 SP1, Client 4.91
SP2, and the ZfDAgent with Application Management and Workstation
Manager installed (and that's ALL - no terminal services or anything -
for testing purposes). The user (that works on other workstation
platforms) authenticates to eDirectory but then the Windows login
dialog pops up.

What gives? What am I missing? It's got to be something simple ....