We're starting to use ZEN to hand out a Group Policy Object to configure
the workstations to use our WSUS server. The ONLY thing we have
configured is the Windows Update section which looks like this:

'Group Policy Config' (http://www.maxthedork.com/images/gpo/gpol2.jpg)

I've looked through each entry and everything else is set to Not

Now, the problem we're having is that, when users log in, all their
desktop icons are being re-arranged to the left side of their screen,
as if using Auto Arrange. We've been receiving complaints about this,
otherwise I wouldn't care. But is there anything at all I'm
overlooking? Why would it be behaving this way?

By the way, here's the configuration for how the GPO is handed out.
The workstation policy is associated with workstation objects, not with

'Group Policy Settings' (http://www.maxthedork.com/images/gpo/gpol.jpg)

Any ideas at all are welcome.