Sorry about the other post. I hit enter instead of tab. Anyhow...

I am setting up a new lab and would like to set it up in a very secure
manner in a school. In the school server, it already has zenworks set up
with XP policies for the teachers computers. These XP computers will be
totally different however in everything so here is what I have done:

1. Set up a new OU under the school OU and called it "HPlab"
2. In HPlab, I have created Server Package, User Package, Workstation
Package, Workstation Group. (All of these were in the school OU for the
teachers computers.
3. When I imported the first workstation, it went into the original school
OU instead of the subordinate HPLAB ou. So I moved the workstation object
into the HPLAB ou.
4. WHen I set up to take an image of the workstation, it did not do it.
It seems as if it is not finding the workstation correctly.

SO my obvious questions are:
Can I do this?
Is it possible to have two server packages? user packages? etc. using the
same server database?
If not, then how do I go about using zenworks with XP workstations and
still keep them completely separate from one another?

Thanks, David