I am experiencing a problem with C1 freezing when editing group policies.
CPU utilization on my laptop goes to 100% and I must initate an End Task
of C1 to bring CPU utilization back to normal. All other functions of C1
work fine. After much researching without success, I finally decided to
image and start over. Everything was well for a few weeks, but now I am
experiencing the same issue. No new software or updates other than virus
definitions have been installed since the reimage. I did find the
following post in an old Zfd4 forum,
that seemed to indicate problems with the snapins. But, I can copy this
C1 to another workstation and it works fine when editing group policies.
The initial problem began after upgrading from Zfd 65 to 7. I was able to
edit policies after the upgrade before the problem started. My current
version of C1 is 1.3.6e with Zfd 7 snapins and the OS is Windows XP sp2.
Any help appreciated.