We are deploying ZDM7 and we're seeing some weird behaviour in workstation import.
Some workstation objects are created with wrong names. The only naming component
specified in Workstation Import policy is "Computer Name". For example, a computer
having Windows computer name of BILL might end up as workstation object JOE. I've
read TID10100267 which talks about how this might happen after imaging, but imaging
is not involved here. I searched the registry on computer BILL, and only place where
JOE occurs (except the entries created by ZDM itself) is
HKLM\Sowtware\Microsoft\Windows_NT\Winlogon\AltDom ainName. Can this be related?

The name resolution seems to be in order, as the name BILL resolves to correct
IP address and this IP address resolves to name BILL. Name JOE doesn't exist in
DNS at all.

Anyone else seen this?