Hello again,

Our previous issue with policies fixed, we are now moving onto a new
problem. One particular lab is having difficulty picking up policies. To
better illustrate the issue, let me explain how the network is laid out a

The main backbone coming from our servers including the Zen server leads
to the building with the labs. At the main switch for that building we
have various lines going to different rooms. There is then a seperate
line going into a windows server 2003 box, which hosts files and
applications for the labs. The labs then connect to that windows box
through a seperate switch off of one of the windows box's multiple nics.

The issue is the lab will not pick up group policies. We have tried
moving a computer from the lab to another room and it did pick up policies
there without issue.

So, having isolated the Windows 2003 Server box as the problem, what can
be done to fix this?

In the past, we had to install the Novell Client on the windows server so
that it would allow netware traffic through. Since then the only major
change has been the Zen server itself.

Our new zen server is running version 7, it is a completely different
server physically and zen is the only thing running on it. The
workstations themselves run Zfd 4.X, but that doesn't seem to be the
problem since they do pick up policies when they are connected directly to
the main network.

Policies used to go through the Windows Server 2003 box without a problem
until after this upgrade.

That said, I am trying to come up with a solution for why policies do not
go through the windows box. Any suggestions as to what to look for or try
on the windows server would be greatly appreciated. As far as I know,
nothing was changed on the windows server before this stopped working, all
we changed was the Zen server.