I have one machine (of six so far) updated to the 7.0sp1 agent that DLU
stopped working on. When trying to login, screen goes to blank background
with moveable mouse pointer. Ctrl-Alt-Del does nothing. If I cold-reset
and login workstation-only, I see that the user profile directory wasn't

This particular machine was previously running 6.5sp1 (not sp1a) agent. The
other machines I think were running 6.5sp1a or 6.5sp2. Tried repair of the
7.0sp1 agent. No luck. Tried uninstalling/reinstalling 7.0sp1. No luck.
Uninstalled 7.0sp1 and installed 6.5sp2... DLU works again.

Which debugs from TID10093312 would be the pertinent ones to enable here?
Any other ideas?