Our Engineering School is having problems using the ZENworks Agent when
trying to login to a Microsoft Active Directory. I checked the
knowledgebase without success so I'm hoping someone out there has heard of
this before. Here's the user's description of the problem:

So the summarize what I've been doing. We're getting some staff users to
our windows AD domain, because we are providing home network folder access
and backups of those folders.

So here is the process in which I join the machines to our network.

1. On a standard pc with novell network client and zenworks. I log into my
novell account which gives me administrative access to the machine. I
the dns entries to use our windows dns servers (which forward requests to
8.11 and 8.12 for any requests that are not of our domain). I change the
machine to join our domain: dcengr.ad.engr. The machine accepts and joins.
I reboot the machine.

2. When the machine finishes bootup, I log in this way.

1. I click on Advanced tab and select the "Windows" tab. I make sure the
"From:" tab is set to DCENGR (which is our domain).
2. I make sure "workstation only" is unchecked.
3. I input my novell username and novell password on the upper most
username/password fields
4. I change the "Windows Login information, local username", with my
AD user account.

Once I push OK and enter, I do not get prompted to enter my windows AD
password, but logs into the novell network. I get the drive mappings
to my novell user account. As far as I can see I'm authenticated on the
novell network and not on AD. In the cmd prompt, after typing the SET
command, the logon servers field entry does not show our DC's and using
kerbtray software, I see that the machine did not get a Kerberos ticket
our DC.

Now, once I remove Zenworks from the machine and change nothing else. I
reboot and login exactly as I've listed above. I get a prompt to enter a
password to authenticate against our domain. I also get the novell login
script. I have the novell drive mappings along with drive mappings that our
domain login scripts provides. I have access to our network drives. I can
see that we are authenticating to our AD environment. I do have access to
novell network drives as well, so I assume I'm authenticating fine there as

I'm puzzled why this method would allow me to log in to our domain. Perhaps
I have not set a setting correctly on the novell client, on the zenworks
client, or even logging in method is incorrect?

Do you know of any reason why this is happening?