Anyone using EFS and DLU successfully (without AD)?

My experiements (Win XP SP2, client 4.91 SP2, ZfDAgent 7.0.1 from SP1,
non-volatile DLU-managed admin accounts) reveal that after a (NetWare) password
change EFS-encrypted files are not readable.

Reading about Microsoft's DPAPI and EFS, I reckon the issue is that the Zen
agent, after seeing an eDir password change, does a local password reset, which
is documented to lose access to encrypted files. (By contrast, a password
change, i.e. providing old and new in Windows, does not have this effect.)

TID 3003874 states that this has been reported to Engineering. Is there any hope
of this working or should I move on to plan B.

Tony Skalski
Systems Administrator
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