I have been comparing my hardware inventory with what ZENworks (ZfD 7
running on OES Linux/NetWare 6.5) has imported into eDirectory. I have
discovered several odd things that are problems as far as tracking things go
as well as being able to work some of the remote functions. We typically
name our computers the same as the "system information Serial Number (Dell
service tag). The import policy is set to use the computer name and the MAC
address. In most cases this works but in a few the workstations import with
the image name rather than the computer name. this may be an imaging
related problem. when I go and check the computer name, most of the time it
is set correctly on the workstation. In a number of instance it is set
correctly on the workstation but it shows up with another name in
eDirectory. Then there are the instances where multiple workstations import
as the same name. I have four workstations that report as the same name
(f83ph9100:13:0a:2d:4c). When I discovered this I deleted the workstation
object, and manually registered all four. As long as I registered the
original workstation (f83ph9100:13:0a:2d:4c) last I could get them in. When
I do a quick report, I still get all four workstations listed as the
original (f83ph9100:13:0a:2d:4c).

How do I fix the importing of workstations to be the correct name?

How can I fix the database to report the correct information?