Hey all-

We are instituting an experimental one-to-one implementation of laptops
for a group of students at our school. These are brand new XP machines,
and students will be able to take these machines home and use them.

Our school uses Netware 6.5, Zenworks7. I have created a new group, and
copied our standard student policy to this group, which includes:
1) Hiding C drive
2) Control panel hidden
3) No Run command, no command prompt
4) Rogue process management.

We plan on, and are in the process of setting up iFolder for their use;
accordingly we partitioned the drive to two primary partitions. The
students can see and use the D partition for their iFolder.

The whole situation seems to work as planned as long as the student is
hooked up to the school network. However, we are going to have to allow
the students to use Workstation Only for home use, and also allow them to
have some rights to connect to their home network, use dial-up, and add
printers. Workstation Only basically negates our careful strategy of
controlling access. If we mark the policy as persistent, only some
policies remain in force, plus these policies seem to restrict the admin
user as well. The students still can see the c drive, and can still
install programs at will.

Should I take Zenworks off, and set up the user policies on the local
machine with the restrictions I want for that user, then set up an admin
user with unrestricted access? Or is there some way I can use Zenworks
to deliver the policies I want, even when not connected to the school

Or is there some other solution out there?