I set up 160 new windows XP machines in schools labs over the summer. I
installed zenworks 7 to replace zen 4. I am having all kinds of problems
with user settings. DLU policies are set up to delete all accounts on
logout. On most machines this does not work (and this is not my main
problem, but it is a problem nonetheless). On the machines that do not
create the local user under documents and settings, I get a local windows
login after the novell client login. This only happened on machines that
I forgot to import into zenworks when I first set them up. I noticed
when I was installinjg apps, that these few did not have the ability to
install zen apps so I went back and imported them into the zenworks
database. Now these that I initially imported do not use the novell
username to get them into the computer, instead after their novell login
a second windows login box appears that they cannot bypass. I have
looked at both machines in console one andthey look the same with all
settings. Where do I look next???

Thanks, David