WindowsXP SP2 with Novell client 4.90SP2
After installing ZFDAgent7 group policy applied to the locally created
account are being reset to default.
In paraticular I was looking at: Computer Configuration\Windows
Settings\Security Settings\Local Policies\User Rights Assignment\Change the
system time
Using locally created account I added Users to the default Administrators,
Power Users. Modified configuration stays after system reboot.

"Users" entry is removed from the "Change the system time" setting, system
is restarted then ZFDAgent7 is installed.
Local user logs in to the workstation only and "Users" are added again to
the Policy field, system is restarted and after restart just default
Administrators, Power Users are present Additional entry was removed/reset
by something.
No group policy is set for the container where the workstations are being
imported to.
Policies are only applied to Users (mainly DLU), and this should not affect
locally created account, correct?

Policies works fine with Novell client 4.90sp2 & ZFDAgent7 and Windows XP SP1

What a hell is going on? Can this be corrected by tweaking some of the
ZFDAgent or WindowsXP SP2 settings