I know this forum is for 7.0, but I am using 6.5 and cannot seem to get
the missing link on how to setup the Group policy's.

I have created a policy package, used the MMC to create a "group policy"
and saved it to a new directory on our server. I then used console one
to point to the directory that I put this configuration at for the new /
exisiting group policy. the problem I am having is that I click on "edit
policy" and anything I change automatically takes place on my local
machine even though I have not even set any associations to the policy.
I am obviously not doing something correct. I have browsed many many
forums, and documentation guides with no direct help. If there is any
information that you guys could provide I would appreciate it. Thanks!
also, if you need screenshots/ configs that I have done I can email them
to you just let me know! Thanks