Having Windows-Citrix Servers installed with zenagent and netware client;
set up workstation-package associated with those servers. activating
group-policies inside this workstation policy, pointing to a network-unc
path, where the associated adm files are stored.

Those policies will completely override local defined rules/policies;
till here it's working as designed.

Know I have some servers where ('cause of installation of IIS for example)
special userrights have been setup. For example with IIS the IWAM and IUSR
Account s will be created and getting special local user rights. Those will
be shown as <SERVERNAME>\IUSR.. in the group policy editor.

Those rights will be overwritten (wil say deleted) by the console-one zen
deployed policies.

I tried to add those rights inside console one, the best would be if I can
add the User IUSR without the servername into to the rights-definition or
the harder way would be adding every server/usercombination like

But I cant add none of them, I can only local existing accounts when getting
into the poleditor over consoleone.

I hope, my explanation isnt too much confusing...:-)

Any help?