HI I am trying to set up a ZEN 7 environment. In the past I have used ZEN
2 and 3.2 however the environment was implemeneted from scratch which made
life easy for ZEN.

However I am now in an old eDirectory Environment that has ZEN 3 and wants
to go to ZEN 7.0 with Middle Tier. (I am thinking of Using IDM to create a
ZENworks Tree). However without that would like some advice

The question I have is. Can I place policies in the tree in a ZENWorks
Container near the Root but that is not directly above the users. Will I
be able to effeciantly find these polices.

For Example a User may reside in


I would like to create a policy at

CN=Workstation Pol,OU=POLICIES,OU=ZMT,OU=ZENworks,O=Comapany.

I would then like to place a Search Policy on

The Search Policy would say all Policies are in

Is this possible? I read Shaun Pond's Cool SOlution on Search Polices and
I think as I understood this would not be possible. Unless I allow to
search to root and then allow the policy to search back to -4.

The Middle Tier server is pointing to a server holding a copy of the whole
tree. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.