My ZDM7 server (running on Netware 6.5) has started to behave badly.
From time to time I notice that the Java thread which is running
Workstation Import service is consuming all the CPU and the server
gets very sluggish performing any other tasks. I increased the logging
verbosity level of Workstation Import, and during the high utilization
period the following message is constantly being logged, several times
per second:

(timestamp) Could not remove container attribute value

When I run zfdstop, the server returns to normal. But after some peaceful
time after running zfdstart (possibly several hours) it starts again.

The only vague tips that Google brings up say that this may be a rights
issue. This does ring a bell, because the problem started some time after
I modified the workstation import policy. Initially, the workstations were
being imported into user containers, but then I created an OU named "Workstations"
under each user container and modified the policy to import the workstations there.
I also added these containers to the "Containers" page of Workstation Import
policy and removed the user containers themselves. Some workstations have been
successfully imported after that, so the process generally seems to work. But
maybe I should have left the user containers there also?

Toomas Aas