Using ZDM7SP1, I've got a Group Policy configured that forces various
settings down to the workstation. Most seem to work ok. However, the one
that's not is the configuring of pop-up blocker settings in IE. I have a
list of websites defined in the GP to allow popups from, but when a user
attempts to go to one of these sites the popup is still blocked. Things
only seem to work if I manually define the sites on the workstation.

One thing I've noticed is that the list is empty. I assumed this was
because IE wouldn't display the list defined in GP, but I really don't
know if this is the case or not. Does anyone know? I'm not even sure if
this is a ZEN issue or a M$ issue.

BTW, the PCs are XP with SP2 (in case you couldn't guess from the fact
that the problem is with IE's integrated popup blocker).